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Conference 2017


Videos of the practice conference will be available shortly after the event.

Videos from previous Practice Conferences are available here.

Virtual Showbag

Articles by Dr Cathy Richardson

Read these articles by Dr Cathy Richardson to help you understand the principles of response based practice in child protection. If you are attending Dr Richardson’s workshop, it is recommended you read the ‘Islands of Safety’ articles.

Helen Oakwater

Find out more about Helen Oakwater by visiting her website: You can watch other presentations by Helen here: Helen also offers an online training course that is relevant to practitioners and carers. Find out more information here.

Richard Rose

Coming soon

Healing practice with Aboriginal communities

Watch these inspirational videos to learn more about what healing can really mean in Aboriginal communities:

  • Australia, we need to talk | Cally Jetta | Is reconciliation between Australia's Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples possible? Cally Jetta maintains that it is not. Instead, she proposes that to build a harmonious future, we need to think differently and address our nation's history honestly.
  • Kalyakoorl and Boorda | Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse | "We all have a responsibility to this place because we all call this home. It is important that we are all connected to it... through language, through storytelling... because when we connect to where we come from, we connect to each other. When we connect to each other, we become powerful and we defend - and we protect.” Music connects people through emotion and imagination. When the lyrics are in a rare language, it is even more special. Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse perform in Noongar language - the language of the traditional owners of the South-Western region of Australia.

Young people and mental health

Explore these resources to help young people heal:

  • Working with young people experiencing mental health This chapter of the mental health practice kit will help you support children and young people to find safety and connect to safe people when they may be experiencing mental health issues.
  • ‘You’ve got me.’ ‘We’ll get through this together.’ ‘We’ve gotta fix this cause this isn’t how you should feel.’ These are some of the helpful things you can say to young people when they talk to you about their mental health. Watch this videofrom BeyondBlue for more helpful advice
  • Read the Working with Young People practice advice topic for practical tips for listening, talking to and supporting young people reach their full potential.

Separation and loss

  • Keeping families together needs more than just a focus on a child. Learn more from the separation and loss practice advice topic about what separation can really mean for parents and children, and ways you can help support families to stay strong through these most difficult times.