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Practice Conference 2018 – Videos now live!

Because not every practitioner can attend the Practice Conference in person, a virtual show bag of goodies has been collected from different sources. The aim of this show bag is to expand on and enrich what you will learn from the practice conference - whether you are there or live streaming part of or the  whole conference.

Keep an eye on this page as resources will be posted soon. 

The OSP is very excited to have Dr Allan Wade present a keynote address for the second time. His initial keynote address was at the first practice conference in 2014. The title of this keynote address is Acknowledging responses to adversity and resistance to violence. 

Before Dr Suzanne Lohrbach presents a keynote address at the 2018 Practice Conference, why don’t you go back and revisit Sue’s presentation at the 2015 practice conference. The title of that keynote address is Child welfare practice: Pitfalls and pathways.  

Hear Dr Andrew Turnell give a brief overview of the Signs and Safety model here.

In this Youtube video, you can see a webinar presented by Renee-Claude Carrier and  Shelly Bonnah titled Response based Practice with Aboriginal children and Youth.

Renee-Claude and Shelly share their knowledge and expertise about using response-based practice as a framework when working with Aboriginal youth and children and their mothers/caregivers in the Canadian context. This webinar talks about preserving dignity, moving beyond traditional victimizing language and acknowledging an individual’s physical and emotional resistance to violent assault.

While this webinar is 1 hour and 20 minutes long, it reflects the five practice approaches in the NSW Practice Framework.

Check out this series of short YouTube videos called Our Social Response from Insight ExchangeYou will hear Allan Wade and Linda Coates talk about response based practice in a very engaging and thought-provoking way. Start with Introduction - Our Social Response.

Dip into some of the related videos from Insight Exchange including Consent vs Violence - Our Social Response, Language - Our Social Response, Dignity - Our Social Response and Victim Blaming - Our Social Response.

‘Domestic violence is not like the weather - it doesn’t just happen.’ (David Mandel)

The next 8 minute video, featuring David Mandel, was presented at a one day conference in 2015 - Victoria Against Violence. It is very much set in the Australian context. David speaks calmly but with passion about how ‘it is the perpetrators’ behaviour and choices, not the adult survivors, that creates the risk and harm to children and families.’

His video challenges practitioners to look at what language they use and what effect language has when talking with people who experience of use violence in the home. Learn more about David’s work at


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